United kingdom

Why UK?

Explore the potential of the UK to offer you the most attractive job opportunities in industrial sectors like banking & finance, construction, healthcare, and IT. Plan to work in the UK to get a work visa that suits your specialized requirements.

The UK work visa, a visa pathway, attracts skilled workers globally, considering that the UK is one of the most robust economies even after it exited from the EU and withstood the COVID-19 pandemic.

Know the features, processes, and methods relevant to work in the UK. Understand what it takes to secure a work visa and what possibilities exist for you to gain permanent residency in the UK. Here, we will explore more about the UK work visa, and the pathways that allow you to get the opportunity of working in the UK.

Skilled worker visa:

A Skilled Worker visa is for people intending to move to the UK and working in a job considered eligible by an approved employer there. This visa is a substitute for the earlier Tier 2 (General) Work Visa.


The visa is valid for five years, after which it can be extended. You can even apply to settle permanently in the UK.

Health and care worker visa:

With this visa, medical professionals can enter and stay in the UK and work in occupations deemed eligible by the NHS or by being a supplier for it, or in adult social care.


Intra-company visas:

This work visa is convenient if you are planning to stay in the UK and are employed in a job your employer deems eligible. This visa could be either of the two given below:


Temporary work– charity worker visa

You get this visa if you intend to do unpaid work of a voluntary nature for a charitable trust.

Temporary work– creative worker visa

This visa is given to you if you have in hand a job offer as a creative worker in the UK.


Temporary work– government authorised exchange visa

Temporary work– international agreement visa

Youth mobility scheme visa:

Graduate visa:

This visa allows you to stay and work in the UK for a minimum of two years after successfully concluding a course in the country.

You need to be in the UK to apply for this work visa. Apart from that, it would help if you met the following conditions:

The visa is eligible for two years. It will be valid for three years if you have a Ph.D. or any other doctoral qualifications. These visas are not extensible. To increase your stay, you need to switch to another visa type.


What can you do with a Skilled Worker Visa?

The Skilled Worker Visa was introduced in place of Tier 2 (General) Sponsored Worker visa. This UK work visa is for businesses in the country that can sponsor both European and non-European nationals to work from January 1, 2021, in the UK.

What's the Global Talent visa, and who is eligible for it?

A Global Talent visa allows you to work in the UK as a skilled employee if you are currently in the capacity of leader or prospectively going to be one shortly in the domain of digital technology.

Digital technology includes sectors like artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, financial technology (fintech), etc. You are allowed to apply if you have earned an eligible award.

To work in the UK, I want to apply for a work visa. Which work visa is appropriate for me?

You are allowed to work in the UK both on long-term and short-term work visas.

The work visa you will need will depend on four different factors –
  • Your eligibility kills and credentials
  • If you have a job offer and sponsorship from the UK
  • If you want your family members to accompany you to the UK

Can I get a job in the UK without any experience?

There are certain jobs in the UK which do not require any work experience. These include menial jobs, including cleaning and driving occupations. Employers want work experience of a minimum of one year in most such jobs. There are instances where employers are not inclined to waste time training employees. Obtaining work experience is possible. Instead of waiting for a job advertisement, you need to walk into the companies directly and ask for jobs.

You can try such organizations by telling them that you intend to provide your services on an experimental basis. The places where you can try are advertising agencies, hairdressers, and factories, among others.

Would I require sponsorship to work in the UK?

Yes. Usually, you would require a sponsor who invites you to work in the UK. You must have the work experience, necessary qualifications, and skills for the jobs you get through sponsorship and an invitation to the UK. Employers who would sponsor you will provide a sponsorship certificate.

Providing a sponsorship certificate is to support overseas workers’ applications. With this certificate, it will be ensured by the authorities that the employer will shoulder all the employees’ responsibilities during their employment tenure in the UK.